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help help help help
Hey does anyone here use Photoshop CS4 64 Bit? I'm having trouble with the pen pressure sensitivity.... or lack of it actually. I recently purchased a new computer and reinstalled the tablet driver but PS isn't reading it at all and I doubt it's the driver because I nabbed it from the official wacom site. I'm currently using windows 7.

See that exclamation mark beside the control options? I need to get rid of it and I begin working on AE stuff! ARGH!

If any of you have a solution it would be greatly appreciated. I've been searching google for help and have had no luck.

Since we're on the topic of windows 7. the old WS FTP I've been using for years isn't compatible with Win 7. Can anyone suggest a good free ftp program I could use? (sweet! thanks afuji!)

thanks in advance dudes. I'm pretty desperate here!


The original song was faster paced but after discovering this video I thought the slower version was even better.

tooo cuuuute

Ipads should just come with cats. =3

On another note
day-um! I really want to get a pair of oxford shoes now. I've been in almost every shoe store I can think of and still couldn't find a good pair that's comfortable and made with nice material. however...I've been kind of eyeing the Steve Madden TUXXEDO shoes in black or brown but they're $99 CAD =(. There is also absolutely no grip on the soles so they're pretty slippery, even on carpet.

hmmm... maybe I'll discover a better price when my friends and I head to the States next month.

Christoph Waltz
Thanks for your help last entry, guys. I was quite surprised that subject "A" won by a mile so I'm glad I asked.
And because of your suggestions I also went back and changed the colours around a bit.

On another topic, a rare occurrence happened to me the other day on DA - being tagged by another member.
But since there's too many people on DA I'm going to post it here instead

Tagged by "aki-shinji"



1. Post these rules
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end you have to choose 8 people to tag, and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. NO tag-backs


1.Two major pet peeves at the moment: Vanity & "Asian poses"

2.I've never left the continent

3.I love love love camping & road trips.

4.Cold lemon tea is my favourite drink it the world. IT'S SO GOOD

5.Still not use to makeup because I rub my face too much. Especially my eyes.

6.I have two other siblings which includes one older brother & sister.

7.Cute animals easily distract me.

8.It may be too soon to say but I will NEVER watch a gory movie.
Watching Event Horizon at a young age was a big mistake...

I tag all of you! =)

Cute overload
A friend's six week old sheep dog puppy jumped up and accidentally nommed my chin when I knelt down to play with her so now there's a small scratch. Tis' okay because she was SO CUTE! She also slammed into the wall as she played with her chew toy. BAM! Not unusual for baby animals I suppose.

I'm a HUGE sucker for cute animals especially nbaby animals. If you're also doomed like me you'll need to check out this site: =D



one of my favourite sites
(all thanks to pikachuu for introducing it to us a few years back)

oh right, and if you also like pretty pastries too:


I should warn you though, spending too much time on this site will make you:
A) Want to bake
B) Crave Cake and other decadent pastries

Thanks joobley for the birthday shout out!
I have definitely been spoiled by my boyfriend, family, and friends this year. (including my new co-workers whom I've only known for less than a month!)
I don't know how else I can show them my appreciation. Thanks a bunch guys.

and happy b-lated birthday to meru_neko too!
Haha you are the fouth person I know who also have their birthday on the 18th of Jan. and three of them are of the same age.

But that doesn't make your birthday any less special. Hope you had a good one!

I will now leave you guys with a random but fun video:


I bet if you guys also watched the cookie monster on Sesame Street as a child you immediately had an urge for cookies too.

~Time for an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun before I sleep.

Movies and such
Oh ....how I miss 3rd Rock from the Sun.

I brought this up because I just watched 500 days of Summer a couple of days ago and Joseph Gorden-Levitt (AKA Tommy from 3rd Rock) was starring in it along with Zoe Deschanel ♥. Great movie by the way.

And since we're on the topic of movies I lost quite a bit of sleep last night after a couple of friends and I decided to rent Paranormal Activity. There were three endings to that movie and the Alternate ending is what disturbed me the most.
was afraid to go the washroom after the move ended.

Poor Seika, I feel bad for us making you watch that movie. I really hope you didn't lose sleep last night.

(no subject)
I know you shouldn't let material possessions rule your life but still, this is still "a little" heartbreaking.

The poor child. And just to add to the fire the parents/relatives had to say: "Johnathan cry in front of the camera" and then walk off seconds later leaving the kid sobbing quietly there by himself.

And you also have to take notice that Johnathan didn't throw a tantrum. He took it like a pro and he's just a kid.


Thanks to engadget and many people who witnessed the video, he finally got one.

and I hope that Johnathan takes their advice: Don't let your family play with it.

(no subject)
And this is one of the reasons why I think dogs are great.

A quick word of caution: The link provided contains a little blood but nothing excessively violent.

I'm not ded yet!
It's almost 2:30am and I just finished watching Terminator Salvation with my dad. Amazingly it was a lot better than I expected although my dad thought the last 3 were better. I'd have to disagree only because I thought the 3rd one was boring. (the only good thing about the 3rd one is that Arnold was still in it.) But Terminator 2 is hands down still my favourite. I swear, just like True Lies, Terminator 2 is playing on TV at least two times a year and I WILL watch it every time. Or at least a portion of it.


Er,...I just talked about Terminator in a paragraph.

Putting that side, regretfully I'm still not tried so now I'll be on the computer till about 4:30am watching Friends season 4 as I TRY to CG. It's not going well. Let me put it this way, if I had to paint drapery to save my life I would be dead by now....