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Big balls!
We heard a rumor of this place that sold big takoyaki balls....


So about a week ago one of my boyfriend's co-worker told him about this place that had Japanese food cart stands. (Kind of like Japa-dog.) But instead of hotdogs there were sushi cones, ramen, and.... BIG takoyaki balls. At first we thought it was strange since the location was right beside a casino in deserted area. When I mean deserted I mean no shops, no malls, no side walks or residential area. Just a Casino and bus termial an a middle of an industrial area. Strange place to host a bunch of Japanese food stands right? We were skeptical for a moment but decide to feed our curiosity and check out the place ourselves.
This evening My boyfriend and I took the skytrain to this "place" and just as we hope to expect, there it was... right across the street from the casino!

In an almost deserted dusty parking lot sat these three small.

The truck on the left had the big takoyaki balls and the one on the right sold sushi cones that you can fully customize to your liking.

Takoyaki truck

This one here sold Ramen.

Big balls of takoyaki!


This was the "pizza" ball which looked like a normal spaghetti meatball.

It was all GOOD.... I'm totally going back to try out the other stuff next time. Apparently this is old news to Vancouverites. We were just out of the loop. =( If you're also from Vancouver and is just as out of the loop as I am, go check out the place. (as long as I'm comin' with you! ;) j/k)
Anyway the place is called Tenku Bakudanyaki

Chow Times has made a review about this place and included more photos even better than the ones I've shown here. My photos doesn't do this place any justice.

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...o-oh my god. I... wish we had that here! I LOVE TAKOYAKI.

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