HP 7 blarg
Joseph Gorden Levitt
Oh man oh man I should really get to bed or I'm going to feel like crap tomorrow.

Looking forward to watching HP7 part 2. When? I don't know. Hopefully in the 3rd week of the release. I'm going to miss the characters and story =(.

In the meantime I'll just continue doing some HP fanart to keep my fandom fresh. This was something I've started months ago and completely forgot about it until a few weeks ago when the H P7 part 2 ads reminded me. I wanted to complete this near the release of the movie but as you can already see, it ain't going to happen.

Der Humpink! Trolololololololo

(J\K, no really, they're not...)
PS, Christoph Waltz is awesome and you know it.

Oh dear
Spring has arrived, I can feel that slightly warm breeze, It's so nice. See ya winter, I've gotten quite sick of you.

It has been quite some time since I've posted my drawings. =/

Some details such as the clothing will most likely change and I'm still deciding what I want to put in the background. I also don't know if I like the girl sitting in the back's hair style.

More photos AGAIN. Click on the lj cut if you aren't sick of looking at them just yet.
other than resizing, no post processing were made on any of these photos because I am too lazy. ...and it's getting really late so I should hit the sack.

Granville Island (Warning: Image-heavy post)Collapse )

I love bunnies.

Did I mention that I love bunnies?

Gah... cute overload.
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Here it goes again.
OK GO never cease to amaze me with their AWESOME music videos.

"I always get a kick out of watching them. =D

And i'm posting this video again just because.Collapse )

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer re-edited with the Inception trailer music... (Mind Heist by Zack Hemmsy)

Only because it totally works!

And while we're on that subject...

This will amuse you or drive you nuts. =)

Big balls!
We heard a rumor of this place that sold big takoyaki balls....


AND IT WAS TRUE.Collapse )
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I think I just melted from all this cuteness....

I have a MAJOR soft spot for bunnies.

INCEPTION...RAHH I can't wait to see it!

Just sayin'....


the trailer looks sweet. The first trailer didn't explain anything at all but as the newer trailers were being released the more I wanted to watch it.

The score they used for the trailer sounds awesome too. I was quite surprised to discover it wasn't composed by Hans Zimmer.

It's silly how I'm raving on about a movie I haven't even seen yet.

Anyone else going to watch it? =D
July 16th, BABY!

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Liv Tyler
I have a hunch that this year may be my last year attending Anime Evolution.

There's more crap in the background that still needs to be cleaned up. I really need to improve on my line art....

Chains are so tedious to draw.
Anyway, looking forward to the Black rock shooter anime.

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The PS CS4 pen pressure problem has been solved finally but ... I still don't know how I did it.

Yesterday I forgot to mentioned that I watched Hachiko and BAWLED MY EYES OUT.

The true story of Hachiko in case you've never heard of it

I watched the American version because it's more accessible than the Japanese version. However even though it doesn't take place in Japan, the basic story is still there and it doesn't change the fact that it's a sad story. It also wasn't as dramatized as much as I expected it was going to be.

I highly recommend it if you haven't watched it yet.


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